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For prospective Ph.D. students

We are always looking for passionate students interested in our Ph.D. program and eager to work on topics such as mechanic system and digital fabrication. Ideal candidates should have some prior research experience (preferable in the field of HCI) and proved technical capabilities in engineering interactive systems (e.g., programming, electronics, mechanical design and fabrication, user studies).

Students majoring in design and engineering are encouraged to apply by initially sending an email directly to professor Bianchi expressing the intention to formally apply. In your email include links to your personal website, examples of code from your repositories (e.g., a link to GitHub), titles of publications, or any other information that could help us see your potential as a researcher. Apply through this link.

For Master’s program applicants

ID KAIST Master’s program is research-oriented, which means that on top of your coursework you are expected to conduct research. Master’s applicants are assigned to labs after they have been granted admission to the department. In fact, after admission, all incoming students are allowed to select their preferred choice of the lab, and the department makes the best effort to accommodate these requests (though acceptance to a specific lab is not guaranteed, as it depends on the number of applications received). If you are interested in our Master’s program, please go ahead and apply here.

Tips for your application

  • Include specific reasons why you want to apply to our department and lab.
  • Include material that demonstrates your technical capabilities: this includes source code of projects, images or videos or prototypes, a personal website, previous research papers, etc…
  • Make sure to take a look at our previous research projects: which project do you like and why? How do you suggest to contribute to our lab?

For international applicants

  • International students are fully-funded as well.
  • English is the official language used for courses and research. Knowing some Korean might help, but it is not necessary.

Admission process

For the application process, please refer to the KAIST admission site.

Labs cannot directly accept students. Instead, students interested in our graduate programs should apply to the department and indicate in which lab they would like to work (optional in the case of Master’s application). A committee composed of all the professors will judge each individual candidate and grant or deny admission through the reviewing process. Admitted graduate students receive a basic scholarship from KAIST and a salary from the lab, depending on the availability of projects and the student involvement (minimum salary is guaranteed by law). For further questions please refer to these lists of Q&A for the Master and Ph.D. programs.

For perspective internships

If you are currently registered as a KAIST student (including a visiting student) and are interested in an internship in our lab or in starting a URP (Undergraduate Research Program) under the supervision of professor Bianchi, please contact him directly via email.

Our lab welcome visiting researchers from other institutions from Korea or abroad with a similar research interest of ours. However, we only consider applicants recommended from colleagues or peers in the HCI field. We also only consider international applicants that can commit to staying for a period of at least 6 months. If you are a foreigner, you also need to obtain a valid VISA through our school’s Visiting Research Program. For further information, please contact KAIST International Office.

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